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When it comes to celebrity skin, you can’t do any better than Mr. Skin. Having been online for years, the site dished out hundreds of thousands of hot celebrity pics and around 35 thousand celeb videos and sex tapes. It’s pretty much the best site of this kind out there. Good news, now you can become a happy Mr. Skin and see all the celeb skin for much less money! Just check the coupon under this review. Mr. Skin is a character who is obsessed with popular culture and finds nudity in it. Behind this brand, there is a comprehensive knowledge of film and other cultural phenomena, an appreciation of all kinds of celebs, and some kinky intelligence as well. The site is loaded with content and it’s also loaded with extras. Not just nude pics and sex tapes – gossip, news, reviews, bios, special deals… This site just never damn stops! Every celeb has a bio, quotes, and a nice set of videos and photos. You can see in which films this or that celeb starred and fast forward right to the good parts.

This website is very professionally designed, with a clean look, terrific features, and lots of dynamics to it. Keywords, charts, tags, everything works in a very well-designed system. You can build your playlists with scenes of your favorite kinds, be it butts, celeb nipples, or anything else. It’s also pretty cool you can check out playlists other people have created. There’s Flash streaming, and there are MP4 clips as well. The videos just keep getting better with time. The images are screencaps, and they also look quite good. Just when you decide to take a break from Mr Skin’s vast archive of hot celeb content, you may want to take a look at other goodies. There’s a blog here, various charts and top lists, awards, social site pages, and tons of other things. A model index is probably one of the most useful features though.

Minor Cons

Mr. Skin is sure a nice site, but we feel they could up their quality game a bit. Full HD is commonplace these days, and we guess Mr. Skin could achieve higher specs easily. Some of the videos right now are really average-looking. We guess it’s natural for the niche, but most content here isn’t exclusive to Mr. Skin. If you try, you can find it elsewhere. Still, it’s the packaging, the approach, the extras, and the personality that make Mr. Skin unique. We wish all image downloads weren’t zips, and we also wish there weren’t so many upsells.


Mr. Skin is a household name in sexy celeb content. It’s not your average adult site, it’s a growing community centered around hot, rare, and engaging celeb content. It used to be just about skin, but now it’s about awesome user features, customized experience, and strong personality. There may be quality limitations right now, but nobody plays the celeb game better than Mr. Skin. Become part of the MrSkin community and find naughty pics and videos of any celeb out there.

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$99.99 - Lifetime Deal!

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