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Eroticism for Everyone

Erotic Beauty is a great site that has been creating sexy content for years now. It was launched way, WAY back in 2005 and it’s been going strong ever since. The quality is great as the majority of the releases have been rated 9+/10 by the users.

The team behind Erotic Beauty offers a ton of hot picture galleries and a few XXX movies as well. These releases are filled with sexually adventurous women who always look great. To be honest, you’re gonna get more erotic action with the Erotic Beauty squad than with any other site we’ve discussed here. The actresses that make up the Erotic Beauty lineup are every bit as talented as they are beautiful and can satisfy your desires in any way imaginable.

The Content: Erotic Galleries with Naked Stunners

Every lady featured on this website is simply stunning. There are no ifs, buts, or ands about it. Every lady is worthy of your praise, adoration, and even worship. The women all show their naked bodies and tease the camera with their flawless physique. The content is very diverse so there’s just no way you can claim that this stuff is boring. We know that there’s a very wrong (and very uneducated!) opinion regarding erotic content – folks that softcore content is boring because there’s no sex involved.

Well, go ahead and pay Erotic Beauty a quick visit and tell us that stuff’s boring. We know that any random gallery will probably rock your world and make you cream your pants, so that’s that.
The Quality & Quantity: What Is There to Stare At?

At press time, there are over 5339 galleries available for your entertainment. The women featured in these galleries range from totally adorable to simply breathtaking. The photo shoots themselves are marvelous because there’s a great deal of visual storytelling involved. More often than not, the Erotic Beauty photographers are able to harness the FULL power of the Kuleshov effect in their work and that helps viewer to experience even higher levels of arousal (because context matters).

As far as the quality goes, you can’t do much better than this site right here… We’d say that the average picture size is at 4000×2667, give or take. All the photos are masterful. One of the things that is worth applauding is the fact that they avoid using filters/don’t resort to heavy airbrushing. People actually look like people in these galleries, folks.

Biggest Pros

  1. Every lady is hot. Every lady looks like a legit goddess. Hate to sound like a huge simp, but that’s how it is.
  2. Easy navigation and amazing filtering options.
  3. Lack of airbrushing and heavy editing.
  4. Every gallery tells a story and every gallery is really arousing.
  5. Picture quality is amazing, it really is.
    Main Cons
  6. No bonuses at all. This might discourage some of our visitors. It might not discourage others. We don’t really know, so we’re trying to be as brutally honest as possible – no bonuses is a legit disadvantage.
  7. Some “brand-new” releases feature models that called it a career YEARS ago. They’re not rotating content, they’re just using previously unreleased scenes, though.
    If you’re a fan of fine erotica, then Erotic Beauty is going to be right up your alley. This wonderful site will definitely make you appreciate this genre because it gives you a new perspective to latch onto. It’s hard to put into words, but you’ll know it when you’ll feel it.

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$8.33 (1 year access pass) $39.99 review & discount review & discount
$8.33 (1 year access pass) $39.99
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