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Reviewing FEMJOY.COM, this is what we are doing today. Finally! This place has been alive and kicking it since like 2004. They are great if you are into solo and sometimes lesbian content with a soft and sensual side to it. FEMJOY is quite well-known for its beautiful girls and terrific shooting and production. It’s all very sophisticated, with soft lighting, sensual movements, general slowness and sexy bliss. These movies really set the mood, trust us. With the entire site leaning a bit towards photos, it is still a very satisfying experience. Read this review of FEMJOY to the end to get your special discount membership coupon!

FEMJOY.COM is a site with a history. This history is over 10 years long, and there are hundreds, thousands of updates to show for it. Photos seem to be their main focus, but there are quite a few movies as well. It’s all about original exclusive in-house content. They have several people working behind the camera, so there’s a bit of variety here.

Site updates even more often than daily. That’s if we talk about photosets, and they add new videos coming also regularly though not that often.

Videos have nice download options. WMV, MP4, M4V, you can choose between these formats, each of which has two quality modes. Photos have three sizes and the same amount of ZIP files. The pictures are insanely good, with 5,000+ px resolution, crispness, lighting and all the things you want from well-taken erotic photos.

Minor Cons

FEMJOY was among the first sites to switch to HD when HD exploded. These days that level they started with, you know, does not look as good as it used to. 720p with a pretty average kbps rate, today, it’s not exactly the highest you can get. They just need to go full HD with a decent kbps rate.

The site keeps growing, and that’s good – but the navigation could use an upgrade. There’s just too much going on here now, you know? Tagging and advanced search, that’s what we need.

The flash player could be better, so an upgrade there is due too. Also sometimes you may notice the downloads are a bit too slow.


FEMJOY is perfect. Well, almost perfect. It has plenty of exciting content, and the member area features are pretty good. Still, FEMJOY could use some steps ahead. Some things could be improved as the site grows – and it does. Even the video quality could be just slightly better. Otherwise the site delivers what it promises, and we hope FEMJOY will be as cutting edge and fresh as it only can.

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