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What we have up for review today is one of the biggest and oldest adult entertainment sites out there. It’s called Adult Empire, and if you don’t know it, it’s quite an empire of hot fun. DVDs, cartoons, games, live shows, it seems to have just about everything. In terms of niches and categories, the selection is damn wide as well, with anything from hardcore to hentai and from fetish to fisting. Get a special discount when you subscribe to Adult Empire for N months – just use the coupon below!

You may be a little bit overwhelmed with the size of this whole thing, but the navigation is quite easy to use. You can tell they want you to have a good time and make improvements to their site every now and then. There are clip downloads, full length DVDs, and photos – that is, the classics. Plus, live chats, cartoons, games, and more.

Pick a category, and you’re ready to go deep. DVDs, amateurs, pornstars, downloadable clips, it’s easy to get lost in this empire forever! You can download the whole thing which is going to be quite a large file, or go for the smaller clips.

Obviously, a lot of older content has noticeably lower quality than the newer releases. However, it’s sometimes fun to go back on the timeline and enjoy some old timey material. Golden years, my man!

One of the best things about Adult Empire are the King sites. They are smaller, more niche-focused sites with plenty of rare and extreme content like hentai. A lot of that content would seem illegal and inappropriate in the ‘outer internet.‘ Definitely worth a look!

‘Basic’ mini-sites are also there, offering thumbnailed galleries of hentai and hardcore content. Little of that is really exclusive, but still a nice thing to check out for a change.

Minor Cons

Adult Empire seems to be more geared towards drawn content. Some totally amazing drawn porn gems in there, including some you may find just too shocking. However, the hardcore video categories seem to be lacking a bit. Lower quality, older titles, bulky files, you know, that sort of thing.

There are a lot of older releases here, naturally. Some movies could be like 15 years old or even more. Nothing wrong with them, really, but if you are all about newest titles, you may go meh here.



Adult Empire seems to mostly be about quantity, not quality. If you are all about the tech specs, this may not be the place for you. But if you like rare, extreme, even forbidden content that is literally not to be found anywhere else, this could be your thing. A lot of stuff to browse and download here, and the system seems to be alive and kicking too, despite all these years. Definitely worth a look for those into more niche stuff!


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